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Weight Training builds Strength. Yoga increases Flexibility. Tai Chi builds Control. Pilates Does All Three.

Pilates - lots of confusing choices
You may have noticed all the Pilates-style classes out there; Pilates-Lite, Pilates-Aerobics, Pilates-Yoga, PilatesCore … every possible diluted hybrid of this revered regimen is being marketed. In the flavor-of-the-week world of fitness training, there’s an ongoing bastardization of the pure discipline that Joseph Pilates taught. The bar is constantly being lowered. How do you choose without going blind? Why should you care?

Why Alternative Fitness Studio?
Because we can legitimately claim to teach the classic method - the one that Joseph Pilates developed during WW1, after having studied a wide variety of physical disciplines. This he taught to such dance luminaries as George Balanchine, Martha Graham, Jerome Robbins, and many others. The classic method engages mind and body through a series of controlled movements that have changed bodies of all ages and fitness levels, improving posture and alignment, circulation, stamina, body shape, as well as overall strength and flexibility.

Alternative Fitness is a Romana's Pilates Certified Studioo. Our instructors are devoted to pilates, and have all completed a rigorous certification program in the classic method that takes up to two years to complete. Plus, they're actively involved in ongoing education to stay on top of new developments.

Why Pilates works for you ... yes, you!
The classic method can be customized to your needs. Training for a triathalon? Recovering from surgery? Just trying to tone up and get flexible like you once were before the kids? The Alternative Fitness Studio instructors are just the experts to recognize what is the best regimen for you. Plus, it works like no other form of exercise you’ve tried. And regardless of your physical condition or age, excellent results can be achieved.

Still skeptical? Read on ...
You'll learn how to maintain the principles of breathing, control, centering, concentration, fluidity and precision. Pilates stresses efficiency of movement that easily translates to your daily life. It’s not a workout that you leave behind when you leave the gym. Stick with Pilates and you will:

Add long, lean muscles
• Build physical strength and mental stamina
• Gain energy
• Improve your posture and balance
• Help combat anxiety and depression
• Diminish weight retention
• Strengthen your abdominal muscles developing a strong "core"
• Protect yourself from injury, assist in healing injuries
• Foster a general sense of well-being.

Tell me again why that wouldn’t work for you?


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